Medicare Eligibility

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First, A Few Important Reminders

1. This website is free. You pay nothing for it other than your own electric bill!

Individuals who are either shopping for insurance or are interested in just learning more about the health insurance options available to them should feel free to browse to their heart’s content with no obligation on their part whatsoever. They can even print anything they’d like as long as it’s just for their own personal use. These pages are copyrighted so I will frown very seriously upon anyone who copies anything from these pages for their own financial gain.

2. You can run a quote for a variety of insurance plans just by clicking onto the links on the Home Page.  Once you run these quotes, you would be well advised, indeed, to click on the link entitled View Plan Details so you can learn as much as possible about any of these plans of insurance.  You can even sign up for the plan of your choice on those same links.  

3. The Magnum Dental Coverage has a policy fee which is attached to your first premium for that policy. This is one-time charge only and is never charged again as long as your policy is in force. This fee helps cover the cost to the carrier of underwriting and issuing your coverage to you.

4. If you decide to enroll in any of them, the opportunity to do so will be available to you by following the instructions there on their separate websites.

5. There are currently 59 different F Plan Medicare Supplement policies and 49 different G Plan Medicare Supplements available in the State of Texas and, since the Medicare Supplement segment of personal health insurance is so highly regulated, you can trust that each of them is reliable.  Prices will vary from company to company, as will their financial ratings and policy owner service. The most important thing to consider when buying a Medicare Supplement is the availability of the agent who sold the policy to you.  If you have a problem or a question after you take a policy out, that person should be available when you need him or her.

A quick call to me at one of the numbers above will get you a completely free, no obligation, quote on all of the companies that offer Medicare Supplements and you can have whichever one you think suits you best or none at all. That choice is always entirely up to you.

6. If you run into any difficulties, my name and both of my telephone numbers, local and toll-free, are shown in the headliner banner above and on my home page.  As stated earlier, there is never any obligation to buy anything just because you call me for assistance. I am happy to talk with you any time you call.  Like any good salesman, I just love the sound of my own voice!

Are you under age 65 and not eligible for Medicare?

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Are you 65 or older or eligible for Medicare?

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