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Most Dental policies have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. That means they require that you have the policy in force for a certain period of time before they cover dental problems you currently have which, in many cases, is why you started looking for a dental insurance plan in the first place. Some of them won’t cover any major dental issues, new or pre-existing, for the first 18 to 24 months…period. That’s understandable because a lot of people would develop a dental issue, buy a dental policy, collect the benefits and then drop the policy because they didn’t feel they needed the policy anymore.

Believe me, insurance companies got wise to that a very long time ago. And you can’t blame them. No insurance company can long survive by paying out more in benefits than they are taking in, in premiums.

The Magnum Dental Plan, sold by Direct Benefits, which is the one I recommend, has a whole new wrinkle on how they meet this challenge. Their policy has no waiting period for pre-existing conditions at all. However, their policy pays only limited benefits during the first policy year and full policy benefits in the second policy year and thereafter.

And this plan has no Network so you can use any Dentist you want.  The policy has a once-in-a-lifetime $50 deductible for each family member covered by the policy for Preventative Services such as Oral Exams and Teeth Cleaning.  Once you meet that deductible, you never have to meet it again.  There is also an annual $50 deductible for Basic Services and an annual $100 deductible for Major Services.

There are three choices of annual maximum benefits, $1,000, $3000 and $5,000.  Click onto the link above, run a quote for yourself and you will see the premiums for those three choices.  Frankly, the $5,000 annual benefits only costs a small amount more that either of the other two so I’m inclined to recommend the $5,000 benefit so you get the most bang for your buck.  The $5,000 annual benefit maximum gives you almost 5 times the maximum benefit of the $1,000 annual maximum benefit for really not that much more premium.

No matter which benefit maximum you take, that maximum is available to you from the very first day the policy is issued. For services other than a cleaning or an oral exam, the policy will still pay something as well.  The benefits are represented as a percentage of the UCR for those services and that percentage is lowest in the first policy year, greater in the second policy year and thereafter. In short, the policy won’t pay as well in the first policy year as it will in the second and subsequent years but, at least, it will pay something.

Let’s understand something else that is good to know about ANY insurance policy. There is no such thing as an insurance policy that pays 100% of your medical bill. If there was, all the insurance company would have to do is print up a little card that says, “Dear Doctor, Dear Hospital, we pay everything. Just send us your bill.” Insurance policies are multi-page contracts that all have limitations and exclusions, just like any agreement would have. The trick for you is to know and understand the benefits, limitations and exclusions of your insurance policy. That’s what this website is designed to help you do.

For more details on the dental plan I recommend, you should click onto the Magnum Dental link in the top or bottom of this page or in the banner at the top of my Home Page.  Run a no obligation quote for yourself and, if applicable, your family and then click onto View Plan Details of each of the plans offered.

You might be pleasantly surprised at just how good this dental plan is.

If you decide to enroll, you can do that there, as well. It’s a very short process and is very easy to follow.  Of course, if you have any questions or need a little personal attention, I am never any farther away than your own telephone.

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