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Bob Bell, a Registered Health Underwriter and recognized by his peers as an expert on matters Medicare, has been in the health insurance business, exclusively, serving the Insureds of Texas for over 40 years. In that time he has built a reputation for honest and fair dealings with literally thousands of clients all over the State of Texas and beyond. ┬áHe has often said, “If I can’t do you any good, I won’t do you any harm.”

When a client has a problem with his or her insurance coverage, no matter how big or small, they know that they need only call Bob at the number shown above. That’s when he demonstrates the value he places on each and every client and proves the worth of the coverage they purchased.

A client was in the office one day not long ago and, after concluding her business, asked Bob if he knew where she had gotten his name. Bob replied that he often gets referrals but seldom asks where they come from. The client said, “I was in my Doctor’s Office the other day and I asked the girls working there who I should buy my Medicare Supplement from. The insurance clerk told me, ‘Bob Bell. He’s a great patient advocate. That’s why we don’t like him!’ “

One just doesn’t get an endorsement that strong every day!

In addition to the phone numbers shown below, Bob can be reached online at bobbell2245@att.net

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